School and Music!

Hey guys and dolls,

So how do you like the new layout? I'd say I love it! Today, we played the Allentown Fair...woo! Me and the rents ate too much icecream, and now we're all downing tums and alka for us! But not's awful.

Sunday, we play the Pocono Garlic Fest. Ha! That should be fun!

Genna and I are back in school, Genna being in her freshman year and I in my sophomore. Woohooooo for work...So we have started work on our third CD, and although progress is slow at the moment, we hope to swing into full recording mode soon.

There are so many exciting things coming up. One thing I'm mad pumped about is the 2009 Celtic Classic at the end of September. That is like one of my fav fests ever and we have two sets both Friday and Saturday. Also, Genna and I will be judging the celtic fiddle competition on the Sunday of that weekend!

We're also getting excited for the Tin Angel gig on the night of Halloween. Get your tickets anytime! It's honestly going to be an incredible show and we are so happy to be coming back. Keep checking the calendar and feel free to leave comments...we love to hear from you! See you soon! :)

Love, Rose and BBC

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