New Year!

Hey everyone! I can't believe it's been months since the last update. Strange! Well we had a few shows recently, and they all were great fun. The steel city coffee house was lovely as always, and thank you all to coming out to the firebird festival in phoenixville. Also we had a show at George School which was phenomenal. We had a really fantastic time, and all of the students and staff were so friendly and had great energy. (Thank you John Stevens for letting us sit in your lap-it's love!) An awesome show. This past weekend we played at WDIY's 15th Birthday Bash on the radio and for all the members. Funsiez! Well we obviously are so excited for this coming year. We have an awesome show on April 17th with Tempest and Coyote Run at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville-get excited. This summer we're taking a small tour down south to Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia, so all you people down south, keep an eye out for some madness! We are beyond pumped little chickens and are soooo excited to tour. The new CD is coming along, and although it may take awhile, we'll try and put a few of the new songs on the website before the release. BBC has also been nominated for two Celtic Radio Music Awards! Here is the website- So sign up, and vote for us! Lastly, I just want to say that, as the entire world is, we're very upset by the earthquake in Haiti, and urge you to donate money to the Clinton Foundation, and the Red Cross to help those in dire need. You can simply text to donate! Just text "Haiti" to 90999. I've done it and I think I'll do it again today! We're such a fortunate and well-off country, and we can all afford to give a little to the victims in Haiti. Well, this is all! We love you guys and we really really really hope to see you lots this year! Love, Rose and BBC

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