Hey! So my family and cousin went to Ireland this past November and it was absolutely fantastic. Genna was busy in her play MacBeth (she was the lead yeah boy!) We basically stayed on the West Coast and it was gorgeous, it was a fantastic trip. We played with Sean Garvey as well as Amergin in Kenmare which was an awesome experience. We also met a few fantastic musicians such as Hugh Healey and John O'Gorman in Ennis at the Old Ground Hotel. That was honestly the must fun session I have ever been to in my life. Everyone was in super high spirits, one guy kept mumbling random things in my ear, another was bleeding all over his guitar, and everyone was dancing. It was the best ever. In the beginning of November, Burning Bridget Cleary got airplay on a variety of NPR stations nationwide. Listen for us! We also have some excellent shows coming up so check out or calendar and get out there! See ya around! ~Rose and Burning Bridget Cleary

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