Okay, so BBC has some mad exciting things coming up and I personally cannot wait. On Sunday, we're playing at a festival in Bristol, and it's going to be super sweet. Also, this year is insane with all of the awesome venues we're performing at. We have Musik Fest, The Blackstone Valley Fest, The Celtic Classic, The Tin Angel, Steel City Coffeehouse, and my personal fav, The Philadelphia Folk Festival. I have been going to that festival since I was born, and it means so much to me that I get to perform there! Also, keep it on the DL but BBC is getting prepared to start recording a third CD. We have some amazing new material, and great ideas, so we are stoked. Also, Genna and I are going back to the Swannanoa Gathering in North Carolina this year, and will be studying with Martin Hayes, and Kevin Burke, and jamming with the best folk around. Also, if you're on facebook, join the BBC music fan page! Well, we'll keep you updated, but right now I'm going to purchase a frisbee and throw it around my yard...by myself. Hah! Love! Love, Rose and BBC

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