Come away with us to the Emerald Isle: The Irish Musical Mystery Tour

So, you see . . . this is the real deal!  We have been invited to perform at two popular venues in Ireland - Taylor Three Rock in Dublin, and the Bunratty Folk Park!  We are honored to have these thrilling opportunities, and our first wish is that YOU can be there with us! 

Besides the shows, we'll be touring to some of the most gorgeous sites in Ireland - in the whole world for that matter!  All the hotel stays are included, and all are located so that independent exploring will be as easy as walking down the street!  We'll take part in some traditional music sessions, too!  Come on along, make some new friends, and create the memories of a lifetime!

Come on along on our Irish Musical Mystery Tour!

Irish Musical Mystery Tour Bus 

Disclaimer:  Photo may not represent actual tour bus or driver. 

Possible Side Effects:  Going on this tour with BBC may cause uncontrollable fits of hilarity; lucid visions of mythical creatures/little people/pink elephants; obsessive-compulsive preoccupation with umbrellas; chronic yearning for faraway shores; sudden, unexplained understanding of James Joyce novels; urgent cravings for bangers, rashers, or black pudding;  and a newfound propensity towards "lilting".

 Warning:  Fiddle melodies stuck in your head may be permanent.

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