Hey kids, I am currently eating blueberries. This past week has been amazing for the entire band! We took a trip down to Asheville, North Carolina and attended the Swannanoa Gathering's Celtic Week. Genna and I studied with Jim Malcolm and Martin Hayes, and played with tons of other amazing musicians such as Liz Carroll, Aoife Clancy, Billy Jackson, John Doyle, Kevin Crawford, Gerry O'Connor, and John Carty. Genna and I wrote a new song which may possibly be on our next CD due out soon, and we also wrote a new tune. It was honestly one of the best weeks of our lives but it's good to be home. We have a gig coming up on August 2nd at Brittingham's Pub. Don't disappoint us! I expect to see all of you there decked out in fan gear! Haha kidding...we don't have fan gear...but no seriously be there! If you come we'll play you our new tune...first audience to hear it! See you all! Rose and BBC P.S. After a couple different attempts, we are finally on MySpace! Here's the link:

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