"BBC" Headline News

"BBC" Headline News

  1. Burning Bridget Cleary has wrapped production on our debut music video!  The video release is scheduled for mid-June.  We’ll be in touch over the next few weeks with details about how and where to see it.  You will be the first to know!

  2. Our first single song release, “Stor Mo Chroi” (store-mo-CREE) is  ready and rarin’ to go!

  • You can listen to it NOW on our newly updated website!
  • Find a 99 cent (MP3) download link to buy through CD Baby on our website or Facebook page. (Available on Amazon and ITunes shortly).
  •  Come to our Sellersville Theater show with Seamus Kennedy next Friday, May 11th and sign-up in person for a free download at our table in the lobby.

(All ticket holders who are on our mailing list or, those who sign up for our e-mail list that evening, will be eligible for a free download of the MP3).

  • Stay tuned via Facebook and e-mail blasts for more upcoming download promotions.


Here’s the Recent Press Release:

Burning Bridget Cleary, the award winning Celtic band based in SE Pennsylvania, has completed filming their first music video production. 

  • The short film features a new Burning Bridget Cleary arrangement of a traditional Irish tune, “Stor Mo Chroi” (trans. “Darling of my Heart”). 
  • The film depicts a fairy-tale fantasy of young love set in both present and past.
  • Film locations include Cambridge Sound Studios and Cuttalossa Farm, both in Bucks County, PA. 

Film Producer/Director:  Ray Baldino, Ray Baldino Studios, Cocoa Beach, Florida

Musical Sound Engineer:  Jim Salamone, Cambridge Sound Studios, Newtown, PA


This film has been a project of great passion and collaboration.  Lou's brother, Ray Baldino, a master photographer/videographer, was the first point of inspiration when he mentioned he would love to do a film project with BBC.  The recording process of the "Stor Mo Chroi" (store-mo-CREE) song was already in the works, so it was a natural to back the movie. 

Jim Salamone, owner of Cambridge Sound Studios, mixed and mastered the "Stor Mo Chroi" recording and quickly invited us to use the Newtown recording studio as a backdrop for filming the modern scenes.   In February, Cheryl began gathering costumes and researching film locations for the scenes set in the olden days.

A friend of the band suggested Cuttalossa Farm in Lumberville as an ideal location for the outdoor shots.  Cuttalossa Farm was formerly the home and studio of the Pennsylvania impressionist painter, Daniel Garber.  The present owners have spent 35 years cultivating the property into a living masterpiece.  It's setting has a magical, verdant quality that evokes old Ireland.  They were gracious and welcoming to the film idea, so an April 15th date was set - no raindate!  Fortunately, the weather cooperated fully, with just a few perfect raindrops to set the scene.

Other film locations included the Newtown historic district and the old Rushland train station.

Cast Members:

"The Band":

Rose Baldino

Kat Watson

Lou Baldino

Peter Trezzi

Nate Godshall


"The Young Lovers":

Alanna Messner

Rich Boucher

We wish you all a happy and melodious May.  We look forward to seeing every one of your smiling faces in the near future!