Ring Them Bells, the debut release by The Copper Ponies (Annie Donahue and Erik Balkey), was the most-played album on folk radio during June 2013 and also features three of the four most-played songs, according to charts compiled by Richard Gillmann from radio playlists submitted to FOLKDJ-L, an electronic discussion group for DJs and others interested in all folk-based music on the radio.

Closely following The Copper Ponies’ debut were new albums by the Pennsylvania-based high-energy Celtic band Burning Bridget Cleary and the often-covered Nashville-based singer-songwriter Buddy Mondlock.

The June 2013 FOLKDJ-L charts are based on 12,267 airplays from 135 different DJs. The number of reported spins (airplays) is shown in parentheses, while label and release dates appear in brackets. They are posted, with permission, on AcousticMusicScene.com.

Top Albums of June 2013

1: “Ring Them Bells,” The Copper Ponies [Hudson Harding, new] (66)
“Ring Them Bells”
“Why Worry”
“Last Train”
2: “Pressed For Time,” Burning Bridget Cleary [burningbridgetcleary.com, new] (65)
“On A Sea Of Fleur De Lis”
“Pressed For Time”
“Oh My Little Darling”
“2 Sisters”

3: “Memory Wall,” Buddy Mondlock [Sparking Gap, 5/13] (64)
“Canary’s Song”
“Stone In My Pocket”
“Holes You Leave”
“Ugly One”