This is No April Fools



Dear Friends and Fans of Celtic Music,

We hope you are all enjoying the vibrant sights and sounds of summer.  

This time it's no joke!  Long time fans may remember a newsletter from several years ago with an April Fools subject line about hitting the charts.  Well, if you have been following us on Facebook, you may already know:

"Pressed for Time" Hit #2 Album on the June Folk DJ Charts!

Yes, it's our first CD to receive strong national and international radio recognition. We are ecstatic and we want share this feeling with all of you who have supported us by coming to shows and contributing to our CD funding project and professional radio campaign.

Some excellent reviews have been rolling in. Walt Haake of WDVR's Celtic Sunday Brunch had this to say:

“The album is a triumph!  Really, after just one listening I can tell you it hits all the right notes with me.  The arrangements, performances, production and sequencing all come together in a way that makes for a wonderful listening experience.  It's adventurous, intelligent, playful and ever so satisfying.

What a truly remarkable accomplishment.  I can't wait to get it on the air, not only on Celtic Sunday Brunch, but my other show, "Wednesdays with Walt."  I want everyone to get a taste of it.

By the way, it's not like me to gush over new recordings.  It just so happened that this one knocked my socks off.” 

You can read more reviews, along with an interview of Deirdre and Rose published by "Celtic Life International Magazine" on the Press Page of our website.


We haven't been sitting on our laurels.  Oh no. This month has found us writing new tunes and putting together some jammin' new arrangements for your listening pleasure, and the next CD, of course!

SO . . . check out the performance calendar.

Pick a date.

And come out to see us soon, ya hear? Can't wait to see you!

Love and Cheer,

Rose, Deirdre, Lou and Pete

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