Oyster Fest and other things!

Hey kids,

Well we just played at the Cooldog Concert Series this past Sunday and it was absolutely amazing. The house was beautiful and even though it rained, we played in the upstairs concert room. We opened up for Cara, an incredible Celtic band from Germany...and I had the honor of jamming with them a bit after the show. They are absolutely amazing musicians and have the most wonderful personalities so it was such a great gig. This coming Saturday BBC has the Irish Oyster Festival in Reading, so come see us! It's going to be a really great festival...don't forget the Green Lane Scottish/Irish Festival too. I was actually over in Green Lane Park today playing tennis and eating Wawa hoagies with my friend. They seriously have the best sandwiches ever. But the park was already decked out in festival stuff already, and there are about a trillion signs everywhere...so come see us there too. Hopefully we'll see you this Saturday! ~Rose and BBC